VAASA, MOREENIKUJA 1, PHASE 2. Development and construction in the growing Kivihaka retail area in Vaasa. Sjaelso´s final construction phase of the fourth plot increased the surface area of the commercial spaces we have completed in the area to over 24,000 sqm and the number of parking spaces to 700, as well as 500 spaces for bicycles. The appearance of this building phase's facade was linked seamlessly to the first phase. The customer pedestrian area will continue unbroken. As tenants we were able to obtain a new sport and leisure retailer and a new and improved home electronics concept to supplement supply in the area.


VAASA, KIVIHAANTIE 16. The fourth project in the Kivihaka retail area grouped together a range of services including a grocery store, service station and fast food chain. One end of the building, with its barcode facade, links the square to our other buildings while the user's concept features strongly at the other end of the building.


ESPOO, NIIPPERI. A grocery store for Kesko was built in a residential area in Niipperi, Espoo. The building was constructed with a wooden frame and steel-plated walls. The project zoning was completed together with the user and city to meet increased demand for groceries in the area.


VAASA, MOREENIKUJA 2, PHASE 2. The second phase of the Moreenikuja 2 building involved designing the facade to strongly accommodate the user's wishes. The facade's vertical motif was implemented with windows, which demonstrate the original theme, especially in the dark. The new store will supplement the supply of interior design and furniture products in the area.


VANTAA, TAMMISTONPORTTI, PHASE 3. In the popular retail area of Tammisto in Vantaa, the Tammistonportti retail project was developed. The third phase increased the total surface area of the building to over 11,000 sqm. The building was constructed with a wooden frame and steel-plated walls. The type and style of the structures and façade are in keeping with earlier construction phases. The last phase of this project was designed to serve demand in the area for construction and interior design retail.


PORVOO, KUNINKAANPORTTI, PHASE 3. A retail area was developed in Porvoo with a shopping area spanning more than 16,000 sqm. The whole area attracts customers from a larger catchment area. The variety of the tenants makes Kuninkaanportti an attractive shopping destination. The third phase of the Kuninkaanportti project consists of stores which specialize mainly in home decoration, furniture and home electronics. The building was constructed on a precast concrete frame, with steel-plated walls. The front is complemented by a shield roof required by zoning.