Sjaelso Oy is a Finnish property development company specializing in commercial properties

Our areas of expertise include the acquisition of commercial premises plots and finding tenants for planned commercial premises, and furthermore property development, financing arrangements and the sale of the completed project to investors.

We have operated in Finland since 2002. Since 2007 full ownership of the company was held by the Danish listed company Sjaelso Gruppen A/S. In December 2013 the company’s Finnish executive management purchased the entire capital stock of Sjaelso Finland Oy.

We are a stable and reliable partner for both tenants and investors. Over the years we have developed and built almost 100,000 floor square meters of commercial premises to meet the retail needs of both Finnish and international retail chains.

We operate throughout Finland and our projects range from service stations to shopping malls. Our success has always been based on solid knowledge of the local area and an understanding of our customers’ needs regarding commercial premises.

Our flexible and professional property development organization works together with the industry`s top architects, engineers and contractors, which allows us to produce successful property development and construction projects.